ControlRoom is a next generation controller for your digital audio workstation. It uses the power of virtual reality to enhance your music production workflow.


  • ControlRoom connects to your DAW as a control surface and MIDI controller, and also connects directly to our ControlRoom Channel and ControlRoom Master plugins to give you rich tactile control over your mix.  
  • ControlRoom allows you to map DAW parameters to our unique 3D tools, enabling you to breathe life and expression into your productions.
  • ControlRoom currently supports Ableton Live and Pro Tools, with limited support for other DAWs.*

Watch the video below to see more.

Being able to visually see what you are trying to do sonically, and manipulate that in front of you, and AROUND you, is awesome! – John Alagia

Three-time Grammy-nominated record producer, composer, mixer and co-founder of Drive Music.

Testimonials From Industry Experts

Shruti Kumar

“Make bolder decisions with your music.”

Alberto Bof

“It’s music you can touch!”

John Alagia

“A revolutionary way of processing sound.”

Jimmy Stofer

“A very exciting approach to mixing and creating music!”

Angel Roche Jr

“Holy Shit! This is a game changer.”

Wynne Bennett

“Just try it!”

Vince Cuneo

“Making music visual.”

Will van Boldrik

“A completely different experience.”

Allee Futterer

“I was totally blown away.”

Mina Knock

“Fuckin’ mind blowing!”


Proudly Built in Los Angeles

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    Proudly Built in Los Angeles California

    *Ableton Live is a trademark of Ableton AG. Pro Tools is a trademark or registered trademark of Avid Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.