What is ControlRoom?

ControlRoom is a next generation controller for your digital audio workstation. It uses the power of virtual reality to enhance your music production workflow.


The ControlRoom system has three main components:

  1. ControlRoom VR, running on an Oculus Quest, Rift, or Rift S
  2. ControlRoom Hub, an app that runs on your DAW computer.
  3. ControlRoom DAW Plugins – ControlRoom Channel and ControlRoom Master  (AAX/VST3/AU)


ControlRoom seamlessly combines three methods of DAW control:

  1. Direct control over your DAW’s built-in transport, mixer, sends, and automation. (OSC with Ableton Live, and HUI with Pro Tools)
  2. Custom midi mapping of our 3D tools to any midi-enabled DAW parameter
  3. Deeply integrated native control of our proprietary plugins, starting with the Spatial Mixer built into ControlRoom Channel